Payments FAQs - DJs

What currency am I paid in?

The amount due to you in connection with each subscription will vary depending on the

currency the subscriber chooses to make payment in. Although you will only be able to make

withdrawals in your Designated Currency, a subscriber can elect to make payment in any

currency and you will bear the cost and risk of any foreign exchange and associated processing fees necessary. For example, if you set your Subscription Price at GBP 5.00 and a subscriber elects to pay in USD, he will be charged USD 5.00. This USD 5.00 will be converted into its equivalent GBP amount (working in conjunction with our third-party payment processor), which will be the amount due to you.

When can I withdraw my money?

You can withdraw your money on request once you have reached £30 in available balance credit. We use Stripe Connect for payment, and withdrawals are charged by Stripe at £2 per month. We will split this cost with you on withdrawal once a month. So for example, if you take out your money, with a balance above £30 once a month, it will cost you £1. You are not charged this fee again for more withdrawals within the same month. There may be additional charges by Stripe on withdrawing of your money. These are currently set at 0.25% + 10p. These charges are set by Stripe, not PlayDJ.

How can I withdraw my money? / How long does it take?

This can be done from within your profile section on PlayDJ, under the billing tab. You can see your

balance and you have the option to withdraw here. Payments generally arrive to your bank account within 7 days.

Who sets the price for tickets and subscriptions?

You as the DJ are able to set your own sale price for pay-per-view / ticketed streams and subscriptions. PlayDJ will give you a minimum price you can charge depending on the length of the set.

Am I liable for tax?

Apart from VAT, we do not handle tax payments and you will remain fully responsible for

fulfilling the relevant tax obligations in your jurisdiction. We will be responsible for VAT payments to the relevant tax authorities and we will charge the subscriber for VAT on sales as applicable.

Changing your subscription charge price.

You may change the Subscription Price within your profile. If you increase your

Subscription Price, your existing subscribers will continue to be charged the price they were

charged when they first subscribed. Only new subscribers will be charged the new Subscription Price. If you reduce your Subscription Price, existing subscribers will be notified of the price change.

What happens if I cancel my subscription plan?

Your plan will continue until the current billing cycle end date, after that no more charges will be made and your subscription will automatically downgrade to the free user plan, where you will no longer have access to your channel page and followers and other pro or premium plan features.

What happens if I upgrade my subscription plan?

The new upgrade subscription will be charged on the day of initiation and this will become your new

recurring billing date. A pro rata amount will be taken for the current month when upgrading from a Pro to Premium account.

Split on Sales

What is the split with PlayDJ?




Content Sales

All splits occur on the Net value after VAT has been taken out.

Free User





Pro Plan










Payment FAQ – Viewers

Can I get a refund on tips?

No, you will need to make an informed decision before sending a tip - these cannot be


Can I get a refund on paid entry?

Generally no, unless the DJ stream does not happen, breaks down or is cut short. If that happens, you can report to PlayDJ and we will refund on a case by case basis.

We do not refund if you didn’t like the content shown or the music played. Please ensure

you are happy with entering a stream before paying.

How do I subscribe to a DJ?

You can do this from the DJ’s channel, where there will be a subscribe button.

How do I cancel a DJ subscription?

You can do this from your profile area when you’re logged in.

How long is a DJ subscription?

This will be a monthly donation to the DJ, ongoing until you choose to cancel.

Can I watch for free?

If the room is open entry (sponsored via the DJ) it doesn't cost anything to watch.

What live streams are not free?

Please use the filter menu to see which DJs are charging an entry fee to watch them live.